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WHY (the future of your business is) MIAMI


Why Miami You Ask?

Although South Florida is still a young region with many challenges ahead, it gathers a robust list of resources – entrepreneurs, universities, foundations, corporations, funding sources, its demographic location and transit patterns – that make it a unique, thriving, and exciting place to be. It is for this reason that CIC chose to expand here from Boston, and out of that same logic and admiration that we brought forth the “Why Miami” project. Our goal is to feature the many stakeholders working here and to present a more complex narrative of what our city has to offer. We hope this encourages other companies to see Miami in their launch and growth plans and that this site is a resource in helping others transition into our ecosystem.


This project is meant to be dynamic, a work in progress. join our campaign or send us your suggestions to miami@cic.com


Why Miami?


Across the city, people are working together in new ways and in new spaces. From industry incubators and tech accelerators, from startup hubs to medical research labs, from projects in the creative fields to diverse place-making initiatives, there’s a new generation of communities working together to build the future of our region.


large education pipeline


Why Miami?


Angel Investors

40+ venture capital funds Seed & Angel Investors

Accelerate - Mentor - Grow

10+ accelerators and incubators

The deciding factors for Instacart to expand to Miami were the demand we saw based on website hits and app downloads, the size of the market, and the presence of our retail partners here; that coupled with our unstoppable ambition of delivering unmelted ice cream to Miamianos in the middle of August, of course.
— Instacart
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Why Miami?


The people building the next era of our city aren’t solely focused on technology or startups, and that’s a good thing. We’re investing deeply in community initiatives, nonprofit work, art and culture, food and nightlife.

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Your dollar goes further — Florida has no income tax, a favorable corporate tax rate, and a lower cost-of-living than most major cities


Weather — 230 sunny days a year

Culture — leading projects in experiential, performing & visual arts. over 85 art institutions



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