Miami's Money Myths

What's really going on with the money down here?



We've heard the myths.

"There's no venture capital in Miami."

"Money down here is impossible to find."

"There's really no financial network down here."

False. Wrong. Incorrect!

There's venture capital here. South Florida has 40+ venture capital and angel investment groups. Some of the more active ones include:

Money's also not too hard to find. Angel investors give money away like candy... when the candy store looks nice. 



On a serious note, local investors are extremely eager to support the next incredible, life-changing idea.

There are some great funds here, too:

We've got a dense network of banks as well. This isn't just a fancy way of saying, "Hey, you can open a bank account anywhere around the city," even though that's also true. It's more so a testament to Miami's financial interconnectedness on a global scale.

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