From the Source: Testimonials

Starting a business is hard enough. No need to reinvent the wheel. Connect with someone from your industry or your home country to learn how they figured it out.

The deciding factors for Instacart to expand to Miami were the demand we saw based on website hits and app downloads, the size of the market, and the presence of our retail partners here; that coupled with our unstoppable ambition of delivering unmelted ice cream to Miamianos in the middle of August, of course.
— Instacart
I thought I would have ended up in Silicon Valley, but staying here was good for me.
— 3Gimbals
My peers are the ones shaping and forming Miami. All the positive changes are coming.
— 3gimbals
Miami is already a beacon for entrepreneurs globally, but we still have room for significant growth. We are eager to advance our mission to facilitate greater connectivity within Miami’s burgeoning innovation community, to catalyze new startup and investment activity, and to meaningfully engage diverse and underrepresented groups who historically have not been included in the innovation movement
— Venture Cafe Miami
We see Miami as a true melting pot of innovation that is at the intersection of technology and the life sciences
— Wexford Science & Technology
Brooke Walis