Why the Cambridge Innovation Center Chose the Magic City

By Natalia Martinez, CIC Miami, General Manager

Aside from these visible markers of progress in our startup ecosystem, we are also seeing increasing regional connectivity. Gradually, the public sector is participating more actively in the conversation about what drives responsible economic development and how to make sure this topic is placed within a more holistic picture that includes all of the other issues that impact South Florida. More and more, there is a discussion about how we nuance entrepreneurship (hint: it’s not just tech), how we drive our local companies to grow, and how we ensure that these topics are not a spectator sport for the few, but an inclusive landscape for the many. The pace of progress is accelerating, and so are our best practices around accountability, metrics, and storytelling.

Although South Florida is still a young region with many challenges ahead, it gathers a robust list of resources – entrepreneurs, universities, foundations, corporations, funding sources, its demographic location and transit patterns – that make it a unique, thriving, and exciting place to be. It is for this reason that CIC chose to expand here from Boston, and out of that same logic and admiration that we brought forth the “Why Miami” project. Our goal is to feature the many stakeholders working here and to present a more complex narrative of what our city has to offer. We hope this encourages other companies to see Miami in their launch and growth plans and that this site is a resource in helping others transition into our ecosystem.

This project is meant to be dynamic, a work in progress. Join our campaign or send us suggestions to miami@cic.com.